Patray Lui home currently at The Netherlands
Patray was born in Hong Kong in 1980, received her first degree in Environmental Design there, then, her masters in Interaction Design Institute Ivrea, Italy. With this multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural influence, she started from looking at interactive spatial design to user-centered design that aims to solve people's everyday problems. She is always interested in technology and likes the challenge to design something simple and easy-to-use but yet able to bring the full advantages of technology to people. Her projects have been published in FEIDAD yearbook 2003 (Far Eastern International Digital Architectural Design Award), SMAU design yearbook 2004, as journals in Ergonomia and Habitat Ufficio...etc. She has also designed several patented innovations. Currently she is working as an interaction designer in Philips Design Eindhoven, also as an amateur illustrator for her personal enjoyment.