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Stanza is a London based British artist who specialises in net art, multimedia, and installations. His award winning projects have been invited for exhibition in digital festivals around the world, and Stanza also travels extensively to present his work, lecturing and giving performances of his audiovisual interactions. His works explore artistic and technical opportunities to enable new aesthetic perspectives, experiences and perceptions within context of architecture, data spaces and online environments. Awards. Nesta Dreamtime Fellow 2004 AHRC Creative Fellow 2006 Videoformes First prize France 2005, Art In Motion V.First prize USA 2004, Vidalife 6.0 first prize 2003, Fififestival Grand Prize France 2003, New Forms Net Art Prize Canada 2003, Fluxus Online first prize Brasil 2002, SeNef Online Grand Prix Korea 2002, Links first prize Porto 2001, Videobrasil Sao Paulo 2001 first prize, Cynet art Ist prize 2000