ultra architects   ul. Woźna 11/4 Poznań
IT company office interior Poznan  
Existing condition: an impressive, twin-aisle, post-industrial interior on the top floor of a building that was once a shoe factory. Rhythmically repeating reinforced concrete frames with interesting geometry, supporting a ceiling made of hollow-core rib plates; aluminium metalwork, multiplication. Aesthetic assumptions: using elements of technical infrastructure (ventilation ducts, air-conditioning elements, network and electricity cabling), create details and ornaments that will emphasise the post-industrial origin of the interior and investor's business profile; contrast the harshness (rough surfaces, imprecision) of existing elements with the smoothness and precision of designed elements; lighting provided by hidden light sources. Spatial assumptions: retain as much open space as possible; designed elements resembling large-size, repeating furniture embedded in the floor structure. Functional assumptions: two access zones. The first one – available to staff and customers – is a reception and waiting area, marketing department, managerial offices, conference room, accountancy department. The other zone – available to staff exclusively – is a single spacious room divided into repeating boxes, and break rooms.