susana soares   London, UK
2007 _ genetic trace london  
Genetic trace explores the implications of current issues that goes from recent reproduction techniques, infertility (sperm and eggs donation; adoption), genetic enhancement until genetic sexual attraction – a sexual attraction observed in close relatives, such as a brother and sister, who first meet as adults. As The Guardian writes, in the age of the sperm donor, "it’s a growing reality: 50% of reunions between siblings, or parents and offspring, separated at birth result in obsessive emotions" Imagining that in the near future people could be equipped with a series of instruments that would enhance their senses and allow then to collect genetic material, detect their genetic family and avoid "wicked relationships." The collection of genetic material could be extended to physical contact like handshakes or kisses. While touching the hand of the other person you would use your "brushy" nails to scrap some genetic material.