aether architecture   1118 Budapest, Kelenhegyi ut 17
Global splits Budapest - third prize  
Global Splits (a collaboration between Adam Somlai-Fischer, Anita Pozna, Andras Kangyal, Barbara Sterk) is able to reveal the surface of the loci, so that another country’s visual interface can flow and penetrate into the viewer‘s urban landscape. However, it is not enough to be a voyeur in the created situation: instead, one has to take part actively in spreading the new landscape. Tactile interaction is needed in order to open the bridges between the visages of remote lands.
When the strings are not in rotation, they are gracefully pierced onto the ground. These strings are wires with red, green and blue LEDs on them (Light Emitting Diodes). When someone pluck a string in front of him or her, the engine of the machine begins to spin the LED wire as the result of the sound of the participator’s movement. Beyond a certain frequency, the string full of LEDs creates a homogenous surface in the air.