aether architecture   1118 Budapest, Kelenhegyi ut 17
Ping Genius Loci Budapest, Paris, San Jose - classified  
Collaboration between Adam Somlai-Fischer, Bengt Sjölén and Anita Pozna
On the Sunny side of New Media - Genius Loci stands for the spirit of the place, a common phrase in architecture for the poetic context, for the cultural reading of a site. Ping, the most basic command in computer networking, is a sort of greeting among computers, if I ping an address, it replies, so we know we can communicate. Ping Genius Loci(PGL) is an architectural installation trying to build a network into the poetics of the place.
PGL is built up from 300 radio networked, solar powered, self sustainable intelligent analogue pixels, that are placed on a 20 by 20 meters grid. These pixels function in the bright sunshine, and are interfacing the people walking in the grid.
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