F A T   via privata del gofalone 4, Milano
K A I R O S Champ de Mars, Paris - finalist  
In an era characterized by an increasingly mistrust and separation, where physical and cultural barriers are erected, the main intent of the project was to subvert this trend trying to create a space of union, democratic and of free expression. Through the contemporary reinterpretation of the past occupations of the Champ de Mars as the place of international exhibitions , characterized by vanguard architectures in iron and glass, we design a steel element, a wall that becomes pillar, designed as a unique generator element of the pavilion. The repetition of this element creates a succession of spaces whose occupation is not defined, but rather is left free; this generates a flexible space: a whole composed of fragments. The user through the density of the pavilion, abstract himself from the outside world and runs in a series of aseptic environments, in an ambiguous sequence of spaces at the same time introspective a