X-TERN   via Haller 20, 39012 merano (bz)-italy
X-48 [TALKING PAVEMENT] Merano (BZ), Italy, 2014-2016  
The main aim of the project was then to design a pavement which could sew and connect the different parts of the piazza and to provide this area with new urban furniture. It was chosen to use the same material and general laying pattern already present in Piazza Duomo inferiore, porphyry cubes and a laying in overlapping arcs (posa “ad archi contrastanti”). Three motifs were then superimposed. The first one finds its matrix at the centre of the church apse: six radiuses starting from that point are overlaid throughout the all paving with the task of strengthen the polarity of the apse in the piazza context. Segments of an ideal circle, with same origin, represent the borders of the new paving on the two streets converging into the piazza from north-east and south-east (vicolo Passirio and vicolo Haller). _ Photo credits: © 2016 X-TERN architects+urban planners