last 20 published awards section design
LABZONA | federico tinti sovrapposizioni e condensazioni first prize
under36design, graphic-communication, international prize
project 2.0 5 tavoli per l'architettura second prize
opendesign, interactive, international competition
WOW Architettura DOGO first prize
under36design, interior, built work
angelo renna Anyway the wind blows (with La Jetée) selected
opendesign, graphic-communication, built work
pamelalarocca|kaudstudio WOODEN CARAPAX FOR LEISURE ACTIVITIES third prize
under36design, ecodesign, national competition
sara gangemi Velasca syndrome invited
under36design, graphic-communication, built work
giampaolo grasso - edaGG logo first prize
under36design, graphic-communication, national competition
Dair Architetti Associati Best of Year Awards 2014 mentioned
under36design, industrial, international prize
Cimini Architettura snow jump for energy selected
under36design, ecodesign, national prize
Rabatanalab Cube invited
under36design, interior, prototype
DED'A STUDIO ARCHITETTI YAZ-Architettura per un nuovo albergo diffuso selected
under36design, ecodesign, international prize
DED'A STUDIO ARCHITETTI StickHer second prize
opendesign, interior, international competition
ARIS Architects Dots special prize
under36design, interior, built work
404DESIGN ALOP - A Lot Of Pillows selected
opendesign, ecodesign, prototype
opendesign, interior, project
pinoni+lazzarini Sunken first prize
under36design, industrial, international competition
menichetti+caldarelli Paris Air Show_UMBRIA AEREOSPACE COMPANIES first prize
opendesign, interior, built work
menichetti+caldarelli CosmoFarma 2012_Fater spa first prize
opendesign, interior, built work
leonardo zuccaro marchi Ibrio - Fondazione Pomodoro selected
under36design, industrial, built work
leonardo zuccaro marchi Ascension shortlisted
under36design, ecodesign, international competition