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Via Armando Diaz 52e - 01100 Viterbo
Spatialconnection(s) is an international architectural and design firm, based in Italy and in the Gulf region led by Dario Donato. The firm employs innovative tools of investigation, speculation, contamination for architecture and design in motion, going to encode new scenes of daily life in according with the boundary conditions, the adaptability of economic, socio-political and cultural aspects of the city. Spatialconnection(s) avails itself with architects, designers, programmers, engineers, where practice and research are based on continuous relationship, which want to produce creative and technical solutions through computational design strategies. The office is constantly researching through lecturing and teaching at IAAC GSS, HCT, InArch, IUAV....Dario was awarded during 2016 and 2017 young Italian talent of architecture and design at Lazio Creativo with two projects located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. DARIO DONATO (5/8/1981)
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