Luca Ciliani home
Roma - Italy
Luca Ciliani (03/01/1987) is an Architect, formed between Italy and Spain, specialized in Public space Architecture at the UPC-ACMA in Milan and a Master in Design and Conservation of Gardens and Landscape, at Fondazione Minoprio – Politecnico di Milano. In 2015 he has joined LandAlab studio as associate, but he also collaborate with others firms, as Square One Landscape architects (Cape Town) or Biocity srl (Palermo).He has collaborated with several Landscape architectural firms, like OSA architettura e paesaggio (Roma), EMF Estudi Marti Franch (Girona), or VWA Verzone Woods Architectes (Vevey). He was one of the organizers of the festival FESTARCHLAB in Terni,as a member GATR,realizing exhibitions, installations and events related to the architecture of public space. His Thesis won "Gino Lo Re" award of "Naturalistic Engineering for Quality Landscape Mediterranean" 2013 edition (AIPIN and Asociación Española de Ingenieria del Paisaje)
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