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p.zza Tito Minniti, 1 - 20159 Milano
Atelierzero is an award winning architectural practice founded in 2012. Always striving to create emotional designs with conceptual clarity, our design process is informed by both traditional craft based techniques and the possibilities offered by modern materials and fabrication methods. A particular care is always on the landscape and the environment where our projects are rising; we believe that the first step for a good architecture is a good interaction within its context. Atelierzero approach all of their projects by integrating sustainable strategies into the design from the outset. The scheme’s form, materials, orientation, siting, day lighting and ventilation are considered in relation to the local landscape and climate. Whenever possible, sustainable technologies are also incorporated to enhance the building’s environmental performance. _S.Grigoletto_27/03/85_Rovereto _P.Cribiori_09/11/84_Milano _A.Triulzi_16/10/85_Bollate
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