51-1 Arquitectos home
Lima, Peru
Fifty-one-one is an office based in Peru (51) Lima (1) founded in 2006. The team is led by Cesar Becerra (b.1974), Fernando Puente Arnao (b. 1973) and Manuel de Rivero (b.1973). They are actively involved in research, teaching, lectures and projects of varying type, scale and budget. Selected among the emergent offices from Latin America in 2007 by 2G Dossier, and in 2013 by Latin-American Architecture Biennale. Its major success abroad came with their winning-entry at the Medellin Museum of Modern Art international competition, currently under construction. Their work has received numerous awards, exhibited in biennales like Venice (2012) or Sao Paulo (2013) and has been published in international journals like A+U, Mark, Dwell, Plot, etc. 51-1 is one of the offices that conform Supersudaca.