Tomas Ghisellini home
Ferrara, Italy
Architect, graduated with honors in 2002 after being visiting student at the Design Workshop IV "The Body of Architecture" held by Peter Zumthor at the Italian Switzerland Academy of Architecture, based in Mendrisio. Since graduating, he has been collaborating with Alberto Cecchetto, Mirko Zardini, Richard Ingersoll, Bruno Minardi, Manuel Gausa and many others. Since 2004 he is Professor at the Faculty of Architecture of Ferrara. The Atelier of Architecture was established in 2009 after many experiences both nationally and abroad. The Studio, dealing with architectural and urban design, landscape architecture, interior design, construction and communication employs a technical staff of architects, engineers, artists and graphic designers bringing together in a single team the necessary skills to solve design issues and care all the assessment activities and technical management of the project.