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Herminengasse 15/1, 1020 Vienna/Salzburg, Austria
soma is an Austrian practice founded in 2007 by Martin Oberascher, Stefan Rutzinger, Kristina Schinegger and Günther Weber. soma engages architecture as an ongoing inquiry and speculative experimentation. The studio’s field of activities ranges from the development of contemporary design strategies and innovative realisation methods to theoretical research. soma understands architecture as thinking in concepts, that deploy their potentials in spatial, physical and sensuous experiences. Thus a design does not necessarily entail unambiguous, fixed geometries, but remains mutable and individually interpretable. Current projects include the permanent Thematic Pavilion for the EXPO 2012 Yeosu in South-Korea, an extension for the Building Academy in Salzburg, Austria and a temporary music pavilion for the Salzburg Biennale. soma operates offices in Vienna and Salzburg.
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