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Symfoniczna Street (1/14) 30-047 Cracow
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NArchitekTURA – NArchitecTURE (Nature + Architecture) is a design and research group founded by Bartosz Haduch. The office takes on various activities from large scale urban and landscape design to industrial and graphic design, photography and journalism. Depending on project the group collaborates with wide range of specialists, from technologists, sociologists, biologists to artists and fashion designers. Bartosz Haduch (born 1978) has studied architecture and arts at Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice and University of Seville. Currently he continues PhD studies at Wrocław University of Technology. In 2007, after working in architectural offices in Holland, Austria and Spain and several travels to Asia, Africa and America Haduch set up NArchitekTURA in Krakow. Current NArchitekTURA team consist of: Bartosz Haduch, Bartosz Kardaś, Michał Haduch and Michał Sapeta. More info on:
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