Sinestezia home
Andre Nikolica 4, Belgrade, Serbia
SINESTEZIA is a young and critical architectural practice of Belgrade and New York with Parisian Educational background and strong roots in Balkans. SINESTEZIA project principle is removed from the conventional design processes but they lead to conventional built architectures SINESTEZIA searches as stimuli for their projects in the world of optic, cinematic, acoustic and written information, in art, in fashion, in science and in the new technologies. SINESTEZIA values investment as on of the projects parameters- the price influences all the aspects of planning SINESTEZIA wants to link the gaps between experimental, theoretical and corporate architecture SINESTEZIA values team work SINESTEZIA wants to innovate SINESTEZIA Architect. Ana Zatezalo Schenk Cedomir Ristic Sandra Draskovic Natasa Vukosavljevic