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Stavanger Norway
Profile in english: Architect Tommie Wilhelmsen born 1973 in Stavanger. He graduated in 2000 at the Bergen School of Architecture. In 2001 he set up his professional studio. The office is located in Stavanger, on the west coast of Norway. Workes with the focus on the residential typology. Spring 2006 Wilhelmsen will be on of 6 invited offices in an exibition for young norwegian architecture in Ferrarra, Italy. Basic elements like wind, terrain, sun, rain, landscape and clima is the fundamnet for all design. Each house (building) is designed only for one spot on the planet.The projects are devolped not as only practical planing, but also ass visuell research. The playfull, naiv optimistic and useless has just as big value in the design process as the logicla og practical. Essensial is the belife that a good house can change your life. Good architecture is a place that its never easy to leave.
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