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scape is born in May 2002, based upon an idea of Ludovica Di Falco, Francesco Marinelli and Paolo Mezzalama; Alessandro Cambi joined -scape as a new partner in January 2005. -scape defines itself as a "containing box", for mixed ideas, people,specific and multidisciplinary skills : the aim is the complete formulation of the building process ,in its technical, economical and architecttural aspects; those aspects are developed both in the office itself, and through a net of external consultations. In the aim of studying and researching on architecture at every scale (from the “land-scape” to the “city-scape”) and in relation to every context, -scape works on projetcs of different nature, dimension, location. In 2008 –scape has been selected by the French Culutre Ministry for the Nouveaux Albums des Jeunes Architectes
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