Sybarite home
322 Fulham Road, Chelsea, London SW10 9UG
Sybarite is an architectural and design practice that aims to tease all of the human senses and to sculpt architecture into the living environment in which it exists, whilst retaining complete functionality. The practice draws its passion and inspiration from organic forms in nature as well as technologies transferred from other industries. Striking a balance between actual projects and experimental projects is crucial to enable them to remain at the top of their game. Sybarite was formed by Torquil McIntosh and Simon Mitchell in February 2002. Torquil and Simon met whilst working at Future Systems and quickly realised that they had matching design dreams. Both believe design can and should fulfill the twin briefs of functionality and pleasure and that there should be no boundaries between art, sculpture and architecture. The word 'Sybarite' encapsulates their design - voluptuous, luxurious and pleasurable.