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2 whatcotts yard, palatine road london n16 8st
Ullmayer Sylvester Architects are a young practice incorporated in 2005 following their participation in a collaborative housing project 'In- Between' in London, which -amongst others- won an RIBA award and the AJ first Building Award in 2004. As a practice we engage in urban, civic and domestic context attempting to make high quality, beautiful yet frequently economic projects and environments. We question and re-invent typologies with a sense of optimism. silvia ullmayer studied at the akademie der künste stuttgart, hochschule der bildenden künste saar and the university of north london has worked for caruso st john, florian beigel, wilkinson eyre and with allies and morrison dipl. des. (produkt-design), dip arch, riba, arb allan sylvester studied at the university of north london and the bartlett has worked for tim saddler, michael mallinson and simon sturgis associates teaches at oxford brookes dip arch, arb
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