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Aljosa Dekleva and Tina Gregoric set up the office DEKLEVA GREGORIC ARHITEKTI in 2003 based in Ljubljana. They both graduated at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia and continued studying at the Architectural Association in London, where they received Master degree in Architecture with Distinction in 2002. At the AA they co-founded an international architectural network RAMTV. From 2002-2004 Tina was a lecturer at Technical University in Graz, Austria. The work of DEKLEVA GREGORIC ARHITEKTI first received international attention with XXS house in Ljubljana and was awarded Silver Plate, European Architecture Award Luigi Cosenza in 2004 and WALLPAPER* award, Best breakthrough designers in 2005 among others. Their work has been shown in several publications, lectures and exhibitions in Europe, USA and Asia.
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