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complizen Planning Office Halle/ Berlin complizen Planning Office deals with the business segments architecture, communication, and urban development. We pursue a multi-disciplinary approach; the various activities overlap and intertwine in many projects. We complizen distinguish ourselves through freshness and visionary depth. This shows in multiple projects and buildings. Our work is regularly published and exhibited, e.g. in the Aedes Gallery Berlin and at the Biennale 2004 in Venice. The core team of complizen is Andreas Haase, Tore Dobberstein and Frank Amey. Andreas Haase is an architect; Tore Dobberstein is a business graduate and Frank Amey is a city planner. The office was founded in 1998. Architects, cultural scientists and town planners work hand in hand in the office. For many years we have been part of a well-rehearsed network, together with event managers, designers and IT experts.
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