Berlin + Zuerich
Founded in 2002, INSTANT works at the intersection of architecture, nature, technology and communication. INSTANT foregrounds the body as a biological and social construct in order to develp research projects and architectural practice on various scales. Recent works include the award winning project UNITED_BOTTLE, the international traveling exhibition “INVENTIONEERING_ARCHITECTURE”, the private home “HAUS_BLICK” in Duesseldorf and the installation “ON_AIR” in Berlin. Founders and principals are Dirk Hebel and Jörg Stollmann. Dirk Hebel studied at the ETH Zurich and Princeton University. Jörg Stollmann studied at the UdK Berlin and Princeton University. They have held teaching positions at the UdK Berlin, the TU Berlin, Princeton University, and American University of Sharjah, AUS and are currently teaching at the ETH Zurich and Syracuse University, NY.
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