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Emma was born on july 1st 2005. On this day architects Jurg Hertog and Marten de Jong (both 1973) joined forces. They both graduated honorably from Delft University of Technology, but never met in school. Jurg Hertog then built up an experience of designing new life into existing structures. Marten de Jong has since worked and taught in Chicago, Paris and Helsinki before setting up camp in Amsterdam. They met during a master class of the Berlage institute in Rotterdam, and soon after started cooperating on various projects. Nowadays, Emma operates from her studio located in the historic city centre of Amsterdam, an has a team of professionals and students, from various parts of the world. Since birth, emma has been working on a broad variety of projects, not fixating on scale or program, but in search of an architectonical achievement hidden in the design brief. See website for full portfolio, vision and company introduction (www.emma