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Bari - London
PROFFERLO is an architecture think tank based in Bari and London, our office is the Skype space. PROFFERLO delivers projects on different scales, mainly related to exhibition design and domestic space. We are currently working on two main research topics: one concerns domestic space in the Mediterranean, including topics such as architectural clichés, do-it-yourself spaces, and informality. We recently published the monograph “Atlante di progetti per l’Albania” (Libria, 2019) and curated the volume “SPONTANEOUS. Do-it-yourself domesticity” (Libria, 2018). The second topic involves interaction design for exhibitions, development of ephemeral/temporary pavilions, and the transformative momentum of temporary shows in abandoned buildings. Profferlo is developing a curatorial project called Antilia Gallery, active since 2017. PROFFERLO is Fabiana Dicuonzo (1990), Fabio Cappello (1988), Giuseppe Resta (1988), Marta Marotta (1990).
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