Messner Architects home
zona artigianale, 8 39054 Collalbo (BZ)
The collective is founded in 2013 by David and Verena Messner, brother and sister. The studio is located at 1.200 near Bolzano in Northern Italy. The practice is working on a contemporary approach in any scale, ranging from housing and functional buildings, urban and lanscape planning up to furniture and brand-design. The primary aim of developing user- and site-specific concepts is to think and build high quality architecture. A largely regional context defines the studio’s field of action characterizing the architects’ view on the delicate relationship of built and grown. The critical look at something given and the use of transdisciplinary strategies lead to a creative dialogue between architecture, landscape, art and design. David Messner is born in 1981, Verena Messner is born in 1985.