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via Pertini 12- San Marco in Lamis - FG
DDuM has got three heads and six hands! It is not a mythological monster but a team of three creatives born with the need of concretize our own ideas. DDuM means Design, Dialogues and Urban Mutations: we are tireless passionate about projects and new concepts design at the human and urban scale. Our story born in 2012, when in a students house we started thinking together. Now, DDuM is a design studio and we mainly focus on products and interior design, landscape projects and urban regeneration processes. Through our works we are elaborating our own concept among design, architecture and narration. We call this approach “narrative design”, where objects and places are able to tell stories, lands, and people. Laura Pirro (1989) Chiara Pirro (1987) Giulio Mandrillo (1986)
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