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Via la Vega 11, Cagliari 09127
Spaziozero is a practice established in 2017 led by Lorenzo Ciccu (88) and Simone Langiu (88) based in Cagliari (Italy). From 2018 Carlo Pisano (84) is partner of SZa. We are mostly focused on architectural and urban competition, in the public and private field. Our focus is mainly the relation between architecture and public space. The capacity of architecture to create space is always our starting point. This concept affects both the large scale urban transformations and the tiniest design operations. What characterized our office is also the lack of a specific architectural language. Our designs come always from a careful analysis of the context, from its measures, its materials, its typologies. From this toolkit we draw the rough materials that we transpose in our projects. Architecture is part of history, it is a continuation of a process, a piece of the longer path of a city as well as of a landscape.
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