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Supercake is a design studio. It produces ideas. Supercake manages different and complex projects on various scales, from the preliminary stages to the executive level, working with specialized teams. Problem-solving is at the heart of every Supercake project. The team shares an equal regard for originality and a heightened sensibility to economic, social, and environmental resources. For us the design method means a circular process: the sensitivity to problems and resources, flexibility of thought, analysis and synthesis, intuition and redefinition, carry each project to its full realization. Since 2014 Supercake has been a company that produces and sells its own design products. Supercakes are: Arch. Alessandro Grassi (20 04 1981) - Arch. Alessandro Ferratini (26 01 1982) -Dott.ssa Laura Imbriani (14 05 1981) - Ing. Fabrizio Lampis (29 08 1979)