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Cernobbio (CO)
LandAlab is a young multidisciplinary laboratory dealing with Architecture, Landscape and gardens. Our research promotes a compatible and integrated design of landscape and architecture, through the knowledge of the deep connection existing between nature, the land and its inhabitants. We think is possible to “restore” our once productive landscapes, to allow social interaction, the development of local economies and the production of goods useful for both producers and consumers. We think that plans need to be something more than alive ornamentals. The office was born in April 2012, founded by arch. Roberta Rizzi (1983) and arch. Pietro Gellona (1977), since 2013 arch. Maurizio Vescovi (1983) and arch. Caterina Agazzi (1984) joined our team. We also have other professional advisers working part-time (agronomist, gelogist, communication, to name a few) The office is located in Cernobbio, on Lake Como.
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