MenoMenoPiu Architects home
21, rue Faubourg de Saint Antoine - 75011 - Paris
Before setting up MenoMenoPiu we used to have fun together (as we actually do) and to play five-a-side football together in the team of Atelier Jean Nouvel. That’s how four young Italian architects met in Paris and decided to start up their own architecture office. Our motto ‘“less for less equal more”, retrieve the best from every context’ reflect an approach that’s rooted to the (traditionally Italian) sensitiveness for genius loci. MenoMenoPiu, unbound themself by adopting a cleverly playful attitude on each subject. It’s a young architects team, we all met after multiples experiences in internetional offices. The multiplicity of our skills is our power. MenoMenoPiu is a creative ‘melting pot’ were plenty of interest work in sinergy to let our ideas to be explored from every angle and with a different approach.
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