columbosnext home
Stellwerk II|S├╝dbahnstrasse 1b|6020 Innsbruck
columbosnext is a collective, in which 15 architects and students work together. The aim is to create a platform that deals within the fields of architecture and society and the initialization and enacting of cultural, social and urban activities. The potential of columbosnext are its members: they come from different fields and are interested in polydisciplinary debate, communication and networking. They try to expand and implement their perspectives on urban and polydisciplinary levels. columbosnext sets subjective accents to architecture, urbanism and culture in Innsbruck and wants to create a "crumple zone" to pre-lived reality within which ideas and concepts for discussion are free. Our working spaces, lecture, exhibition and performance locations are the Stellwerk 2, high above and the Verschub on level with the railway-tracks.