ADEPT architects home
Copenhagen, Denmark
ADEPT is based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and works within the fields of architecture, urban planning and landscape design. ADEPT is founded and lead by architects: Martin Laursen, Martin Krogh and Anders Lonka. ADEPT’s approach is to develop very contextual projects which add value to its urban environments without compromising the brief. Experience has shown that this approach does not only promote better cities and urban spaces, it also creates synergy in relation to economically, socially and ecologically sustainable developments. ADEPT is currently working on their 1. prize projects: “Flintholm Spark” 4000m2 House of Culture and Movement at Frederiksberg (DK), “Dalarna Media Library” 3000m2 library and plaza as part of Dalarna University (SE), “Iceland Academy of Arts” 20.000m2 educational and cultural institution in Reykjavik (IS), “The Tolerant City” 1.000.000 m2 urban development in Helsingborg (SE) - and more.