Strootman Landscape home
Piraeusplein 37 / Amsterdam / 1019 NM Netherlands
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Strootman Landscape Architects is a dynamic new design office set up in 2002. The office is a mix of experienced landscape architects/urbanists, young landscape designers, a technician, an artist, graphic designer and office-manager. We co-operate with other disciplines, such as ecology, architecture, transport studies, hydrology, recreation planners, social planners and consultation officers. We cover the complete field: from regional plan to garden design, from rural areas to the city, and from research to realisation. In projects we mix analytical depth and visionary perspectives, ponderous beauty and measured refinement, common sense and a healthy dose of romance. At the moment (02-10-2009) the following people work at our office: Joke Amoraal, Gloria Font, Bieke van Hees, Claire Holmes, Boto van der Meulen, Anne-Margreet Niemeijer, Maaike Schoe, Jasper Springeling, Berno Strootman, Matthijs Willemsen, Ymkje van de Witte, Anne Zaragoza, Thijs van der Zouwen, Mathieu Derckx (freelance) en Merijn Groenhart (freelance).