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Kaethe Niederkirchner Str 7 - 10407 Berlin
100Landschaftsarchitektur is concerned with creating garden- and landscape architecture for today’s environments. Joining clear concepts and a sensitive materiality, 100Landschaftsarchitektur is searching for contemporary urban natures. The scope of work comprises the creation of specific, tangible spaces as much as the conception of comprehensive landscapes. — Creating garden- and landscape architecture necessitates the continuously renewed search for each site’s appropriate shaping of time and space. At the base of all of 100Landschaftsarchitektur’s work ‘garden’ serves as a working title which expresses the cultural root of our shaped environment and facilitates a bridge into living realities. — Thilo Folkerts is principal of 100Landschaftsarchitektur. In addition to working as a landscape architect who designs, experiments and constructs, he pursues his interest in the unique language of gardens as author, editor and translator.