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Product Design and Electronic Music Born in Tokyo, Japan 1980.Live in London, UK 2004- Events in 2009:2009 Exhibition & Workshop "Platform21=Repair", Amsterdam, Netherlands Exhibition "Sonar 2009", Barcelona, Spain Exhibition & Talk "DMY Berlin", Berlin, Germany Solo Exhibition "The Pysical Value of Sound", Clear Gallery,Tokyo, Japan Exhibition "Futuresonic 2009", Manchester, UK Talk "Social Technology Summit", Manchester, UK Exhibition "Design Miami and Fendi presents Craft Punk Design Performance", Milan, Italy Exhibition "The Cover of the Book is the beggining of a Journey", Bristol, UK COMPETITIONS and AWARDS 2009 Prix Ars Electronica, Interactive Art category, Honorary Mention 2008 RCA Society and Themes & Hudson Art Book Prize", Winner Germany design council "Light for the future 2008", Upcomming designer Winner Design Boom "Dining in 2015" contest, Finalist Raymond Loewy Foundation Lucky Strike Junior Designer Award, Finalis
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