A-lab home
Drammensv. 130, N-0277 Oslo
A-lab is a young architecture offi ce with the concern to produce an architecture that embodies a high level of innovation and creativity. A-lab was founded in 2000 and consists of 17 architects with different backgrounds and experiences. The offi ce is located in Oslo and designs worldwide projects. All a-lab’s projects are won in competitions. We place great demand on ourselves and have great pleasure in creating good architecture. A-lab works with a broad range of architecture. Our projects include masterplans, urban projects with complex programs, large offi cebuildings as well as smaller housing-, museum-, and designprojects. A-lab is active in the architectural environment and educational institutions. The partners are lecturers and examiners in both AHO (Oslo School of Architecture) and NTNU (Trondheim School of Architecture). One of the partners is also a member of the board at OAF (Oslo Architecture Association).