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As CEO of Hanson Robotics, Inc, David Hanson creates robot faces that have been dubbed "among the most advanced in the world" by the BBC, and inspired Science to label Hanson "head of his class" in social robotics.Hanson sculpted installations for Universal Studios and Walt Disney Imagineering prior to transitioning into Disney's Technical Development area, where he headed up several robotic and materials projects, and development of an autonomous walking robot with electro-active polymer (EAP) actuators.PhD at the University of TX at Dallas, developing social robots with naturalistic conversations, face tracking AI, speech recognition, and realistic expressions that use Hanson's patent-pending polymer materials.Hanson has received awards in both art and engineering, including co-receipt of a NASA Space Act Award, a nomination for a WTN World Technology Award, and a "highly meritorious" designation by NIST's ATP.