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Overtoom 197, 1054 HT AMSTERDAM
DS is an office for landscape architecture and urbanism. We study, design and shape public space. A great variety of projects, different in nature and scale have been made in the last several years. The director is Maike van Stiphout. The office set it’s name by winning the ambitious price competition for two parks at the Potsdamer Platz in the new hart of Berlin. DS gives meaning to places that transform, change owner, purpose or are brand new. We work with images- and scales of landscapes, to stimulate the visitors power of imagination. In our designs we let well known thoughts and traditions defining space through history guide us– square, park, quay – but we also enrich and refine them, re-interpret these notions as the process takes place! Next to the slow continuously growing time, we set the dynamic time of changes and new programming. A thorough respect for craftsmanship secures a daring and enduring materialisation.
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