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vicolo pescatori 2 - 31100 treviso - italy
Michela De Poli and Adriano Marangon on 2001 constitute made associati office in Treviso (I). The architectural office focuses on architectural planning, urban planning, landscape architecture through the analysis and planning of sites of particular landscape and evironmental importance. They participate in national and international competitions and have obtained awards. Visiting professors in Venezia, Milano, Napoli e Varna (Bg). Their projects are published in the main international architectural reviews “Three principles remain constant in all our projects: stratification, the space for interpersonal relations, and sensorial experience. Our way of working is one in which we are constantly stimulated by doubt, its most positive aspect. Sometimes we find our selves delightfully muddled, but we keep looking in search of a basic chiose that will support our commitment and personal growth”.