CEBRA home
CEBRA is a Danish architectural firm located in Aarhus. The office was founded in 2000 by the architects Mikkel Frost, Carsten Primdahl and Kolja Nielsen. Today, the office employs 24 people. Our clients come from all over Denmark and we are starting to experience a serious interest in our work from abroad. We work with all scales of architecture. We design just about everything, paying attention to much more than just the size of the project. We have been involved in all kinds of projects, from industrial design to urban planning. We have designed housing, schools and city districts. We consider both a house and an airport to have the capacity to either revolutionize architecture or be completely insignificant. What really matters to us is the design concept and the forms it generates. Our ideology is project related. Instead of using the same mind set for all of our projects, we treat each and every project as unique.