OPPENHEIM Architecture home
245 NE 37th street MIAMI FLORIDA 33137 USA
In the next 3 years, over $6 billion of dynamic architecture will be realized as a result of the creativity and perseverance of Chad Oppenheim, and his 35-person firm, Oppenheim Architecture+Design -- a highly skilled team in all aspects of the architecture, interior, and urban design process. the award-winning work, covering a broad spectrum of programmatic complexities, budgets and building typologies, is based on both physical and spiritual contextual sensitivity, supported by evocative and economic design solutions. The miami based firm is challenging the status-quo of design quality in a developer driven market through iconic, cutting edge architecture that imaginatively transforms the prosaic into the poetic. Projects meld innovative spatial arrangements, ecological sensibility, and integrated structural strategies to create an architecture that is elegantly reductive.