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2-24-8 Minami Aoyama - Minato Ku Tokyo 107.0062
Kengo Kuma & Associates is continuously engaged in designing with a clear focus and careful consideration with regional characteristics. We are especially fond in using natural materials as a theme for many of our projects. The Museum of Hiroshige Ando received the 2002 Spirit of Nature Wood Architecture Award as a result of using natural wood in depicting the spirit of Ukiyoe Artist Hiroshige Ando. In 2001 we received the International Stone Architecture Award for rejuvenating stone and kura(traditional Japanese storage space)through the Stone Museum. We are thus well experienced in dealing with facilities that involve natural materials, regional culture, and environment. By preparing detailed meetings with construction companies and craftsman, prioritizing technical verification, and proposing exquisite design, we can achieve an exceptional level of design by applying realistic technology without overdoing the cost and construction