Plancton art studio home
Via Ponton dell'elce 9, 00061 Anguillara, Roma, IT
Mauro Annunziato and Piero Pierucci founded PLANCTON in ’94 with Oscar Gemma de Julio, focussing the research on the creative and aesthetical potentialities of chaos and artificial life, the relation between art and science, mind and society. The artworks of Plancton have been diffused in the main art-science international contexts receiving recognition and promoting an art movement inspired to alife and complexity. Their activity is fused with scientific research. Mauro is director of a research lab on AI, chaos, artificial life. They have published more than 100 papers and two books in science and art contexts. Mauro has been mentioned by NASA-JPL in 2000 as one of the 60 artist-scientist selected for the Mars Millennium project (100 humans on Mars in 2030;; the Leonardo art Int. J. (MIT Press) dedicated to Mauro a front-back cover in July 2004
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