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Keisuke Maeda is a young up and coming Japanese architect based in Hiroshima. He believes strongly that architecture should stimulate, engage and challenge the viewer. Above all he hopes that those who see his work will enjoy the experience and be left with a lasting impression. The main focus of Keisukefs work is one-off tailor-made residential designs for specific clients. The success of each project is based on a set of partnerships. The first of these is the partnership of minds between client and architect. For a design to become a home it is necessary to incorporate within it not just the wishes of the client but also wherever possible aspects of their personality. In order to achieve this a strong client relationship becomes the first foundation stone in any project. The second partnership is that between the design and its future location. The final structure must sit together in dialogue with its surroundings. Therefore the geography and climate play a large part in the outcome of the final design. The third and equally important partnership is the one that exists between Keisuke and his associates at UID. Teamwork is the key to ensuring the final product is of the highest standards.
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