AWP home
15,rue du 19 Mars 1962, 92240 Malakoff, Paris
AWP is an interdisciplinary studio for architecture, landscape and design. It is based in Paris and develops projects internationally (Scandinavia, Canada, England, Germany, Italy, Spain). Founded as a company since 2003, but practicing under a European network organization since 1997: Invested in understanding and re-interpreting the city, they focus on questions of a renewed relationship to landscape, environment and human gesture. The founding members are 5 architects and landscape designers and 1 philosopher : Matthias Armengaud, Alessandra Cianchetta, Sébastien Demont, Arnaud Hirschauer, Aurélien Masurel and Marc Armengaud. They develop buildings, design, art and theoretical projects in the field of environmental design, infrastructure re-programmation, public spaces and public buildings.
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