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Sophienstraße 18, 10178 Berlin
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Our central task is the design of urban open spaces. Based on a critical understanding of immanent realities, the search for conceptual approaches leads us to decided statements concerning the urban context. Throughout design, planning and construction we offer solutions for independent new parks, squares, sports-grounds, court-yards and gardens, whose designs answer to contemporary requirements for variability, communication and sensuality. The manifold experiences through a broad spectrum of German and international projects meanwhile capacitate an efficient realization, finely tuned to respective necessities.
Martin Rein-Cano 1967. Studied art history at Frankfurt University and landscape architecture at the Technical Universities in Hannover & Karlsruhe. 1996 founding of the Topotek 1, since 1999 in partnership with L. Dexler.
Lorenz Dexler 1968. Collaboration with Topotek 1 since 1996, since 1999 partner with M. Rein-Cano