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Smidjustigur 11b Reykjavik IS 101 Iceland
The erasure of emptiness: The landscape of Iceland is incredibly varied ranging from glacial wastes to vast lava fields and arable lowlands. It is also constantly changing as its location on the rift between the North American and European plates incurs frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. It is a curious cocktail that has catapulted the population from a subsistence existence to one of the wealthiest on the planet in less than three generations. Now with increased leisure and four-wheel drive accessibility the virgin highlands are being rediscovered at an ever-increasing rate. . This occupation naturally destroys the quietude and vast scale-less emptiness of the wildernesses and could result in their effective erasure. Even small-scale interventions are critical as the delicate ecological and geological balance crumbles with the lightest touch. This is a testing environment in which to practice architecture.