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Silvestre Castellani is architect by the UBA, Buenos Aires (1999) and Masters by the UPC, The Great Scale, architectture and to other enviroments, Barcelona (2002) From 2002 create in Barcelona ESESTUDIO, architecture factory that has made national and international projects with different associated: Gianfranco La Cognata (Italia) Marco Avila Arredondo (Chile), emphasizing the following prizes and projects: Hotel of the Arts, Badajoz, Spain (Invitation)/Multifunctional Building in Mallorca, Spain (2º prize)/Tower Viewpoint in Is born, Peru/Coastal Project on the Rio Ebro, Amposta, Spain (1º prize) /Amposta, 400,000 housing in Catalunya/ Shelter in Machu Picchu, Peru/ Park Caballito in Buenos Aires (Mention of Honor) His works and articles have been published in different local architecture magazines: Habitat, Socearq, (Argentina) Inde, (Barcelona, Spain) Arquitectura e Vida (Lisbon, Portugal)
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